Breast MRI

The DeKalb Health Imaging Center offers magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the breast in our Women’s Imaging and Diagnostic Suite. This noninvasive test provides a better view of dense breast tissue by capturing multiple cross-sectional pictures of the breast; an MRI uses a magnetic field, radio-frequency pulses (not x-rays), and a computer to produce detailed images.

A breast MRI does not replace mammography – it is an additional diagnostic tool to help detect or stage breast cancer or other breast abnormalities. A physician referral is required.

The Imaging Center is located on the second floor in outpatient services. Patients should park in Purple Lot A, Enter Door 5.

To learn more, call the DeKalb Health Imaging Center at 260.920.2513 or to schedule an appointment, call Central Scheduling at 260.333.7710.

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