DeKalb Health Announces Planned Kitchen and Dining Renovation

Posted: Thursday, January 4, 2018

“It is a priority that we continue to deliver a positive experience for our patients, their family members and hospital staff needs,” said Kelly Dunham, Chief Operating Officer. “Food service function is arguably the highest-profile service that all of these groups will utilize during the course of a typical day. Our new Food Services Plan will not simply address these problem areas, but will carry the facility to a new level of customer experience, one that will change the overall dynamic of this hospital amenity.  DeKalb Health is excited to announce the renovation and relocation of its kitchen and dining cafeteria will take place in 2018.

A new dining area will be front and center as one enters the main lobby and will feature an open, welcoming, multi-functional space, with soft seating for relaxing, flexible table layouts to accommodate small or large family and staff groupings, and room for 102 persons. Computer connectivity and charging stations will be available in the new dining space.

The serving area will enjoy greatly expanded customer circulation spaces and create a more open feel. The new serving style will also allow the culinary staff more room for menu flexibility and the ability to create food items. A centerpiece of this new serving area is the fresh food bar which will help promote healthier eating for all users.

The new layouts also increase the grab and go options for those guests and staff that need to purchase food and head back to a loved one’s room or workstation.

The kitchen space will see a much-needed renovation based on current service models, will be more centrally located for better and quicker access, and will allow DeKalb Health to begin a new room service program. Equipment for the new kitchen, coupled with the improved layout, will show several tangible benefits to the hospital and food service operation. 

Project Scope

Phase one is 6,800 square feet and includes the dining room, kitchen and Serendipity Gift Shop relocation and renovation. Phase two encompasses another 3,700 square feet and will repurpose the old location with storage and office spaces. DeKalb Health has partnered with MSKTD & Associates on the design and planning. Project bids are scheduled to go out in coming weeks, and a general contractor will be selected. 

Construction for phase one is expected to get underway in February 2018 after completion of the bid process. Total investment for both phases is estimated at $2.4 million, and construction is expected to be completed by the Fall of 2018.