DeKalb Health Receives $47,100 through Hospital Auxiliary Gift

Posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

DeKalb Memorial Hospital Fundraising Guild presents check to Dekalb Health leadership

PHOTO: DeKalb Memorial Hospital Fundraising Guild officers and volunteer members present a check for $ $47,100 to the leadership of DeKalb Health. Accepting on behalf of the hospital is chief executive officer, Craig Polkow. FRONT ROW: Emmajeane Roop, Marie Mitchell, AJ Kuhn (Auxiliary President), Craig Polkow (DeKalb Health Chief Executive Officer) Darley Bennett (Auxiliary Treasurer), Connie Dicke (Auxiliary Vice President), Bonnie Kelham. BACK ROW: Loraine Hartranft, Deb Muzzillo, Andrea Clark (Auxiliary Secretary), Margie Bortner, (Curiosity Shop Treasurer), Jean Bush, and Yvonne Greenfield.

AUBURN, IN (September 15, 2017) –The DeKalb Memorial Hospital Fundraising Guild, also known as the Hospital Auxiliary, made a significant donation of $47,100 to DeKalb Health.

The generous donation will fund patient care items and equipment needs, including the purchase of a new microscope for the lab, tables, and chairs in all conference rooms, chairs for renovated medical offices, EKG machine patient care items and exam tables.

The Auxiliary’s mission is to support DeKalb Health through donations and volunteer services. Over the past 53 years, it has made significant donations to fund specific items totaling than half a million dollars.

The Hospital Auxiliary raises funds primarily through its specialty resale and thrift store (The Curiosity Shop) and through the hospital gift shop (Serendipity Gift Shop).

The DeKalb Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Guild consists of over 70 men and women who volunteer their time and talent. In addition to their fundraising efforts, volunteer members of the Auxiliary serve in various roles including greeting and welcoming visitors, helping people find their way, serving as gift shop and Curiosity Shop clerks and acting as host to specific areas. Additionally, the Guild has awarded scholarships and student loans to those pursuing an education in a healthcare related field.

The Auxiliary is actively seeking additional volunteers to join its work on behalf of the hospital. For more information, call Jodi Spangler at 260.920.2805 or e-mail


The DeKalb Memorial Hospital Fundraising Guild is a separate not-for-profit adult volunteer organization with over 70 members. Also known as the Hospital Auxiliary. The men and women volunteer staff raises funds and donate financial contributions to the hospital. Funds are raised through the hospital gift shop proceeds and the Curiosity Shop thrift store. Volunteer staff provides assistance throughout the hospital through a variety of positions including greeting and welcoming visitors, helping people find their way, gift shop clerks and acting as host to specific areas.


DeKalb Health is located in the city of Auburn in DeKalb County, Indiana. This independent, not-for-profit, acute care medical facility began in 1964 as DeKalb Memorial Hospital, thanks to the generous contributions of DeKalb County citizens. Milestones include the addition of emergency medical services in 1975 and the completion of a three-story medical building in 1992. In the last decade, expansions and renovations include a surgical center in 2008; emergency, imaging, and diagnostic centers in 2011; and private patient rooms in 2015. DeKalb Health is guided by its mission to “promote, preserve, and restore health” and its vision “to be the healthcare organization of choice for patients, physicians, payers, and healthcare professionals.” To learn more, visit


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