Physician Office Building 1314 Entrance (Lot C, Door 61)

Building Address

1314 E. 7th St. Auburn, Indiana 46706 - View on Google maps

1st Floor: PharmaCare Pharmacy, Suite 104
                  Physician Offices
                  - DeKalb Health Medical Group, Suites 101 & 103
                  - Lutheran Health Physicians, Suite 102

2nd Floor: Physician Offices
                   - Allergy & Asthma, Summit Pain Management, Suite 201
                   - Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT), Clinical Services: Wound, Ostomy, Coumadin, Suite 203
                   - Family Medicine, Suite 206

3rd Floor: Conference Rooms (A-C)
                  Board Room
                  Information Technology
                  Administration: Executive, DeKalb Health Medical Group

DHMG Providers:
Philip J. Chase, MD (Family Medicine)
William D. Goudy, DO (Family Medicine)
James G. Ingram, MD (Family Medicine)
Paul H. Rexroth, MD (Family Medicine)
Richard P. Toupin, MD (Family Medicine)
Mark E. Colby, PA-C (Family Medicine)
Joy L. Martin, FNP-BC (Family Medicine)


Looking for a family doctor or specialty physician? Click here to find a physician who is conveniently located on the DeKalb Health campus or contact our referral line directly to learn more.