EMS and Ambulance

At Parkview DeKalb Hospital we understand that in an emergency, saving a few minutes can mean saving your life. This is why our EMS unit prioritizes rapid response and provides comprehensive medical treatments and procedures previously offered in emergency rooms.

Parkview DeKalb EMS ambulances are staffed by experienced paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians ready to quickly assess the situation, stabilize the patient, transport him or her promptly to the appropriate hospital emergency department, and perform an orderly transfer to assure continued quality care and service. To provide the best coverage and quickest service to our community, Parkview DeKalb EMS ambulances are strategically stationed in Auburn, Garrett, and Butler, and are staffed around the clock. Services include:

  • Experienced Emergency Paramedics, Advanced and Basic Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • A superior and proven record of prompt response to emergency calls
  • High-quality immediate care
  • The ability of our ambulance crew to contact and engage with any hospital emergency department in Northeast Indiana based on patient needs
  • 24-hour-a-day emergency and non-emergency transport 

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