DeKalb Health Supports Continued Economic Development with $15,000 Commitment

DeKalb Health Supports Continued Economic Development with $15,000 Commitment

Friday, January 27, 2017

DeKalb Health Supports Continued Economic Development with $15,000 Commitment .

DeKalb Health has pledged $15,000 to the DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership in efforts to continue economic development in the county. The funds will be distributed annually in payments $5,000 over three years.

Anton King, DCEDP Executive Director stated, “DeKalb Health is a major contributor in helping and supporting our community. The value of having a state-of-the-art health facility in the county in collaboration with economic development efforts is crucial to overall well-being of our county. I believe that this partnership shows the commitment to push forward in the same direction.”

We think our partnership is valuable in helping to support the goals of economic development,” said DeKalb Health VP and Chief Operating Officer and DCEDP Board Member Kelly Dunham. “We recognize that attracting new business and industry means selling what your community offers. Available and high quality health care is a significant part of that. If we want to attract employers and strong talent to DeKalb County, employers have to know what is here. People look for key cornerstones, schools, healthcare, entertainment/cultural offerings, etc. So we want to help drive that.”

As a vested leader in economic development, DeKalb Health is one of the top employers in DeKalb County with 600 employees, and it is the county’s largest healthcare provider, offering high quality, low-cost healthcare and wellness to the community.

The support provided by DeKalb Health allows the DCEDP with operational funding to maintain the mission of improving the quality of life for DeKalb County residents through enhanced employment opportunities resulting from the responsible growth of business and industry.


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