Area students attend one of several sessions at DeKalb Health during its popular program “Life is Cool”

Area students attend one of several sessions at DeKalb Health during its popular program “Life is Cool”

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 16th -18th, the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization joined together with DeKalb Health in helping highlight the hospital’s organ and tissue donor education program, “Life is Cool,” a model for other area community schools.

Each year, "Life is Cool," a donor awareness program is presented to area 4th graders. Students visit several activity stations; and handle pig organs (which most resemble human organs in appearance and size). The young students listen to their own heartbeats and participate in a host of visually inviting activities and games designed to educate them about organ and tissue donation.

Special guests, such as organ recipients and family members of organ donors interacted and spoke to the students. Transplant recipients and people who have donated organs on behalf of loved ones, along with high school students from the Impact Health Occupations Education program, are on site volunteering their time to answer questions and facilitate each station.

The Indiana Organ Procurement Organization (IOPO), a non-profit group, coordinates the program through DeKalb Health, along with Dr. Thomas P. Mason, a family medicine practitioner. The program was designed so these young students grasp the serious concept of organ donation and a human organ as a “gift of life.”

Indiana Organ Procurement Organization and DeKalb Health will host over 600 4th graders from the following area elementary schools:
Tuesday: McKinney Harrison, Country Meadows, Hamilton, Waterloo, Lakewood Park, and DeKalb Area Schools at Home (DASH)
Wednesday: JE Ober, JR Watson
Thursday: Riverdale, Butler

 2 ½ day event (May 16th -18th) hosted at DeKalb Health, 1314 East Seventh Street, Conf. Room 303, Auburn, IN 46706

DeKalb senior and IMPACT student MaKenzie Myers helps facilitate the popular Life if Cool Program at DeKalb Health

Quick facts from IOPO:
Over 3 million Hoosiers have registered their decision to be an organ and tissue donor. A single organ donor can save the lives of up to 8 people. A single tissue donor can save the lives of up to 75 people. Last year an average of 6,000 people died waiting for transplants, an Average of 18 people die each day. 1 in 25 Americans are projected to be tissue recipients for vision and eye repairs. Last year, an estimated 25,000 lives in the United States were saved through organ transplants. However, almost 100,000 people, including more than 900 Indiana residents, are currently waiting for life-saving organ transplants. Another man, woman, or child is added to the transplant waiting list every 12 minutes. Sadly, due to the critical shortage of organs, many of these people will not get a second chance at life. For more information and information visit.



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