Obstetrics & Gynecology

DeKalb Health Birthing Suite

At DeKalb Health, our obstetrics and gynecology specialists provide care in the Family BirthPlace.

Expectant mothers will discover our OB-led labor and delivery team takes a fresh approach to every stage of the birth experience, from prenatal care and childbirth classes, through delivery and water birth options, to expert post-natal pampering and lactation support.

Our obstetrics specialists and physicians are there to help you every step of the child birthing process. However, women’s health care isn’t isolated to the birth experience–it's a life-long journey from menarche to menopause. That's why DeKalb Health’s specialists also include gynecological care too.


Looking for a family doctor or specialty physician? Click here to find a physician who is conveniently located on the DeKalb Health campus or contact our referral line directly to learn more.