PacRx Medication Packaging

PacRx medication packaging is available through PharmaCare, DeKalb Health’s retail pharmacy.

This service gives the prescription administration the turnkey treatment. Medication is delivered pre-packaged in a convenient plastic bubble, designed to help patients adhere to their dosing schedule and providing peace of mind that the right dosage is being administered at the right time. In our easy to use system, medications are packaged by day and time of administration – Sunday through Saturday, at morning, noon, evening and bedtime.

PacRx is recommended for:

  • Patients taking 3+ medications multiple times per day
  • Patients unable to administer medications to themselves, who are being cared for by a family member or caregiver
  • Seniors on chronic medications
  • Patients with impaired memory

The service is offered for a $25 monthly fee, charged when the first package is delivered each month.

A one week's worth of medications is available for pick up or delivery every Friday. Delivery occurs Friday between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Otherwise, packages will be available for pickup Friday after 2 p.m. For patients in Auburn, Butler, Garrett, and Waterloo city limits, delivery is offered at no additional charge. Requests for prescriptions to be packaged and delivered on days other than Friday will include a delivery charge of $15.

PharmaCare is located on the first floor of DeKalb Health, in Physician Office Building Entrance #1314.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 am–6 pm, Saturday: 9 am–12 noon.

For more information, call 260.925.8000 or 800.791.3251.

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