Quality Report Cards

The quality of care given to patients differs widely from hospital to hospital. And the size or prestige of the hospital often does not correlate to the quality of care it provides.

Although intangibles like patient experience and satisfaction are important, DeKalb Health is also proud of the statistics, rankings, and other measurable data that help concretely illustrate the quality of care it provides. One of these important tools is the quality indicator score.

Quality indicators are measured for critical conditions. Since the quality of patient care provided can differ widely from hospital to hospital, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) posts all hospitals’ quality indicator scores. These scores can be found online at Hospital Compare, Home Care Compare, and Hospice Compare.

DeKalb Health was one of the first hospitals in the country to release its quality scores to the government and community. Studies show that when hospitals publicly release their quality data, it provides an incentive to improve the quality of care provided to the community. In turn, the information also helps consumers make informed choices about where they receive their healthcare.

DeKalb Health remains one of the top hospitals in Indiana and in the country. We consistently provide excellent quality care for the most common illnesses leading to hospitalization; and our scores show this commitment to quality, time and time again.