What is your status?

Are you an outpatient, inpatient, or observation patient?
If you have been a hospital patient, you may have heard the terms “inpatient,” “outpatient,” or “observation status.”

These terms are applied based on the type of hospital service you are receiving. (for instance, treatment in an intensive care unit, outpatient surgery, etc.) If you are a Medicare or Medicare Advantage patient, these categories, and services you receive determine your financial responsibility. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, they will play a role in determining your admission status based on set criteria.

Beginning March 8, 2017, federal law required all hospitals provide written notification and oral explanation to Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients receiving observation services more than 24 hours.

What is a MOON notice or Statement?

The Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON) was developed so that hospitals must inform patients:

If you are an outpatient receiving observation services, you will be responsible for you co-insurance, cost of self-administered medications and possible deductible.

If you are a traditional Medicare patient under observation status, you will not be eligible for post-hospital coverage of skilled nursing facility (SNF) services.

During Registration:

1. Patients will receive a notice and be asked to sign a MOON notice if they are in observation or important message from Medicare notice if they are an inpatient.

2. Patients will receive an overview

The hospital’s registration department (Patient Access) will provide a brief overview to patients regarding the meaning of this notice. The notice will also include the phone number of the hospital’s Utilization Management Department, which is staffed and trained by professionals who can answer any questions you may have.

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