Tips for Feeling Comfortable in the Months Before Baby

Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2018


Having a baby is an incredible undertaking, and it takes a toll on both mind and body. There’s a lot of emphasis placed on being prepared, but being comfortable often goes by the wayside. While discomfort might seem like a foregone conclusion for the last few months before your new arrival, we hope the tips below can help you feel at ease.


One of the most mentally taxing parts of pregnancy is the anxiety that comes with not knowing. What’s going on in my body? Or my partner’s body? What symptoms are cause for concern and which ones are par for the course? What is labor like? What is recovery like? One of the best things for parents-to-be is to take a birthing class.

Birthing class provides a safe space to ask the questions that are racing through your mind. And we urge you to ask all of your questions. The obstetrics and gynecology department here at the Family Birthplace of DeKalb Health in Auburn, IN hosts birthing classes, and one of the things we’ve seen time and time again is people who hesitate to ask “stupid” questions. But once they do, they find that they’re not stupid at all; there’s always someone else who was wondering the same thing.

Lastly, birthing classes put you in contact with other parents to be. That community can be a great source of comfort thanks to your shared experience.


Another way to tackle anxiety and mental discomfort is to begin getting things in order. The simple process of getting a few things done, whether it’s adding things to the registry or setting up the nursery, can help restore a sense of control. While there are many things coming that you can’t control, these little moments remind you that you’re not helpless.

Speaking of preparation, it’s great to do some light exercise. Squatting and pregnancy yoga help prepare your body for labor. And while pregnancy yoga may seem intimidating, it will help relieve some of your discomfort in the later months of pregnancy.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be it from family, friends, or your gynecologist, the value of getting some support cannot be understated. Maybe you need help with something baby related, like washing and sorting hand-me-down baby clothes. Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some help taking your mind off baby for a night. In that case, ask some friends to get together to help give your racing mind a break. Even after the baby, the ability to reach out and ask for help will be an incredible asset to your mental and physical well-being.


While it may seem like there are more things to do than you could ever hope to get done, trying to barrel through everything will take its toll. Make sure you carve out time for yourself to relax—and lots of it. Pregnancy takes its toll, and rest is vital. So by all means, ask questions, make preparations, and reach out to friends and family. But also make sure you leave yourself time to catch your breath.

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